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The proposed services focus on reconstruction of three schools comprised of 12 Classes in Karma, Al Anbar Governorate. The schools were subject to major damages in their structure due to the effects of the crisis and attacks upon the liberation operations took place in the newly liberated areas. Test tubes to determine the sensitivity of mycobacterium tuberculosis to pyrazinamide - Internal and External rehabilitation of the buildings, Beautification for building facades include shops, offices and companies.

The Procurement of Pasture Protection Fences will serve clustering livestocks in the plateaus of villages to respond to the needs of 71 villages. The interactive media and web-based deliverables from this consultancy will be used to share key evidence and experiences gathered during the timeline of ZRBFs activities, inform different stakeholders and used in advocacy activities. The specific objectives of the assignment:.

In line with the project tender documents, designs and specifications, the Rehabilitation of the existing two computer labs entail providing all the necessary civil works, electrical and mechanical to render the labs functional and operational.

The implementation period is six calendar months. Se deben considerar 5 viajes distribuidos de la siguiente manera: Procurement of medicines for treatment of citizens with mucopolysaccharidosis for the budget.

Procurement of medicines for treatment of citizens with orphan metabolic diseases for the budget and savings of The Knowledge Platform is to support the effort to achieve target 8. The Knowledge Platform will facilitate research-to-policy translation and targeted users are policy level actor and research community. The Platform will be hosting a variety of content types; datasets, visualizations and interactive maps, scholarly papers and short-form articles.

The overall objective of the project is to improve economic growth and secure social equity and cohesion through a sustainable urban revitalization of the commercial areas of East Jerusalem.

Se deben considerar 4 cuatro viajes a la localidad de Puerto Morelos distribuido de la siguiente manera: Summary of contract results: The contracted assignment aims at developing a local and sub-regional development agenda for the study area to be used as a tool to develop the cluster area as an integral part of the Palestinian territory.

Services of Social Science Research to enumerate a household survey of 3, three thousand nine hundred respondents in Donetsk, Luhansk, and Zhytomyr regions. Establishment of a Long-Term Agreement LTA for the supply, delivery, commissioning of, and training for warehouse materials handling equipment. The Sustainable Development Goals. Business opportunities Procurement notices Contract awards. To view by post date, including past notices, please choose a date range: Year Linked to Procurement Notice: Supply of doppler profilograph to measure watercourse profile.

Everolimus tabs, capsules 0. Provide access electricity for at least households Develop Detailed Engineering of Microhydro powerplant Carry out activity to develop microhydro include civil engineering, electrical mechanical and distribution network of one unit of microhydro with capacity 60 KW.

Image Server Analyst Geoanalytics 8. Mobile integrated application for users 9. Installation include Maintenance Delivery Cost Training Detail in Cloud. Montaje y desmontaje de equipamiento de bandas: Traslado de bandas y requerimientos: Montaje y Pruebas de Sonido: Procurement of Smartphones and solar Power banks and delivery to Antananarivo, Madagascar. Yixing Huhua Stationery Co. Noviembre Save Changes. Rehabilitation of Primary Healthcare Center in Michmich.

Supply of transformer substation of rural type. Procurement of portable generators and delivery to Solomon Islands based on air freight. Leasing Nada Properties CO. Construction of Rural Courts in Darfur. Construction of Sewage system at Roma area quarter 30 vjetori Berat.

Preparation of Pre-feasibility study on broadband development in Albania. Contract awarded for Lot 1 and Lot 2. For Lot 3, the tender has been cancelled. Construction of a multi-purpose sports playground in Jdeidet Al Chouf. Supply, installation and commissioning of IT equipment and software for Qayara power plant. Procurement and delivery of furniture to Police stations in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Lots are cancelled: Procurement of Turnkey Mobile Shepherd Shelters. Procurement of Hygiene Kits.

Procurement of Hardware for Energy Efficiency Portal. Procurement of Underwater Rescue Van. Procurement of Equipment for Climatization Workshop and Laboratory. Claude Michel Cluny es poeta, novelista, ensayista, editor y critico de arte. Libro editado en Italia por Gangemi Editore. Santiago de Chile, Jaime Migone Rettig Editorial: Ediciones Universidad Central de Chile.

Jaime Migone Rettig Ediciones Editorial: Desde tiempos precolombinos hasta Carlos Donoso Rojas Editorial: Milton Godoy Orellana Editorial: Precios y salarios reales durante el Ciclo Salitrero en Chile Censos - Autores: Octavio Astorquiza y Oscar Galleguillos V. Ellos vencieron en la gran batalla del porvenir del pueblo. Pedro Bravo Elizondo Editorial: El salitre nos trajo lo que dignifica al hombre: Fernando Ortiz Letelier Editorial: Consta de tres partes: Alexander San Francisco A.

Es decir, con este texto la cultura local asume importancia prioritaria, ya no nos absorbe el centro capitalino. La provincia la miramos hacia adentro. Carmen Gloria Bravo Quezada Editorial: Para terminar, aplaudamos el glosario especializado que nos presenta el historiador Dr. A singular story, an historical research of a forgotten Chinese epic in the land of the driest desert in the world.

The main goal is to develop a high valued product that will show the highly esteemed contribution and the process of integration of the Chinese Nation in the cultural and gastronomical roots of the inhabitants of these land. From the work in guano to their participation in the Pacific War, being part of the Chilean military contingent commanded by Patricio Lynch, as well as the regional development and promotion through their investments in the Zona Franca of Iquique.

La propia autora ha declarado: La Tirana del Tamarugal. Fueron construidas en los territorios mineros de distintas regiones de Chile, articulando elementos de infraestructura, instalaciones industriales y campamentos de residencia.

Roberto Querejazu Calvo Editorial: Los Amigos del libro, Bolivia, Tal es la amenidad del relato y la novedad de los hechos que pone a la luz su autor, que se lee como una novela. Julio Pinto Vallejos Editorial: These were the changos, the last descendants of the gatherers, fishers and hunters of the sea that inhabited the pacific coast between southern Peru and Coquimbo for 10, years. It would seem that the changos were not a single ethnic group, but different populations that were experts in the many facets of life by the sea.

Con ilustraciones y fotos a todo color. Desde sus primeros habitantes hasta los Incas. Abarca desde la llegada de los primeros pobladores hace unos Discounting international routes, there were basically two kinds of railways in northern Chile, i.

Some survive as servants of the mining sector. Estoy y muchos otros hechos sorprendentes son revelados en este libro notable que hace justicia a trabajadores y soldados. El cobre chileno para el mundo. Editado por Rainer Slotta e Inga Schneppel. George Smith — John T. North — James T. Juan Pereira Fiorilo Editorial: Los Amigos del Libro, Bolivia, Gobierno de Adolfo Ballivian.

Gobierno de Narciso Campero. Miguel Angel Di Cio Editorial: El libro es muy bueno. Pero no se crea que es una historia erudita y pesada. Archivo de Nataniel Aguirre. Roberto Querajazu Calvo Editorial: Este libro es muy bueno.

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