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We celebrated creative experience and creative expression. We didn't try and curtail it and stunt any of that kind of growth. After dropping out briefly in the 10th grade, Leto decided to return and focus on his education at the private Emerson Preparatory School in Washington, D.

In , Leto moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in directing, intending to take acting roles on the side. In , Leto starred in the biopic Prefontaine in which he played the role of Olympic hopeful Steve Prefontaine. For the preparation of the role, Leto immersed himself in the runner's life, training for six weeks and meeting with members of his family and friends.

After landing the lead role of a British aristocrat in the drama Basil , Leto starred in the horror Urban Legend. The film was poorly received by most movie critics, however, it was a financial success. When the group first started, Jared Leto did not allow his position of Hollywood actor to be used in promotion of the band. In , Leto played a gay high school teacher who attracts the attentions of Robert Downey, Jr. Though the film polarized audiences and critics, Leto's performance was well received.

To prepare for his role, Leto lived on the streets of New York City and refrained from having sex for two months prior to shooting. Peter Travers from Rolling Stone commented that Leto "excels by going beyond Harry's gaunt look to capture his grieving heart. His scenes with Ellen Burstyn as Sara, Harry's widowed mother, achieve a rare poignancy as son and mother drown in delusions.

Leto next appeared in the independent film Highway. Set in , Leto is caught with the wife of his employer, a Vegas thug, and flees to Seattle with his best friend Jake Gyllenhaal in the week preceding Kurt Cobain 's suicide.

Filming finished in early , but the film was not released until March on home video formats, although originally scheduled for a theatrical release. During this period Leto focused increasingly on his music career, working with producers Bob Ezrin and Brian Virtue on his band's debut album 30 Seconds to Mars , which was released on August 27, , in the United States through Immortal and Virgin. Leto returned to acting in with the thriller Panic Room , which marked his second teaming with director David Fincher.

He played the supporting role of Junior, a burglar who terrorizes Jodie Foster. He portrayed Hephaestion , the closest friend of Alexander the Great. The following year, Leto starred together with Nicolas Cage in the political crime thriller Lord of War.

He played Vitaly, the younger brother of illegal arms dealer Yuri Orlov. The film was officially endorsed by the human rights group Amnesty International for highlighting the arms trafficking by the international arms industry. It took two years to record Thirty Seconds to Mars' second studio album A Beautiful Lie , with the band traveling to four different continents to accommodate Leto's acting career. It has since been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America RIAA , and has reached platinum and gold status in several countries, with a sales total of over four million.

In , Leto appeared in the neo-noir crime drama Lonely Hearts , the true story of the notorious "lonely hearts killers" of the s, Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck. Playing Fernandez, he co-starred with Salma Hayek who played the role Beck. The film received mixed reviews from critics; however, Leto's acting was widely praised; Heather Huntington from Reelz wrote that his "layered performance as the nattily dressing dandy with no remorse is truly impressive.

At a press release, he stated that an "insanely obnoxious Danish albino" named Bartholomew Cubbins directed the video. It wasn't important for me to lay claim to it in that way. Seuss universe and one of Leto's favorite characters created by the writer. Leto said, "The idea of isolation, identity, and self discovery were all elements present in the song. I thought this light homage was a good starting point and it soon grew to include many more elements outside of Kubrick's original piece.

It was filmed in the Forbidden City and became the first ever American music video shot in the People's Republic of China in its entirety. Hundreds of costumed extras were employed for the shoot, inspired by the empires of ancient Chinese dynasties. In , Leto starred in the biographical film Chapter Leto prepared for his role by relying on interviews with Chapman and on audiotapes recorded by a librarian which the actor met during a visit to the inmate's hometown.

Leto gained 67 pounds to approximate the killer's physique. He was forced to use a wheelchair due to the stress of the sudden increase in weight put on his body. Despite divided critical opinion on the film as a whole, Leto's performance was widely praised. Leto disappears inside this angry, mouth-breathing psycho geek with a conviction that had me hanging on his every delusion. Leto's next short film was " A Beautiful Lie " , which he directed under the pseudonym of Angakok Panipaq.

The music video was filmed miles north of the Arctic Circle in Greenland. Determined to offset the impact that filming would have on the environment, Leto worked with the Natural Resources Defense Council to develop strategies that would minimize fuel consumption on the shoot.

Leto's next film was the science fiction drama Mr. Nobody , directed by Jaco Van Dormael. He portrayed the title role of Nemo Nobody, the last mortal on Earth after the human race has achieved quasi-immortality.

His role required him to play various versions of his character, from 34 to years old, spending six hours daily for the full make-up and adopting the voice of an old-aged man. Nobody premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

Critical response praised the film's artistry and Leto's performance. Despite too much old-age makeup, Leto nevertheless infuses the character with some real raw emotional power;" [72] while Bruce Kirkland of Toronto Sun claimed that Leto gave "a marvelously full-blooded, brain-spinning, tour-de-force performance. In , Leto recruited scores of extras and all manner of surrealist street performers for the short film of " Kings and Queens ", which features a critical mass movement founded with forward-thinking and eco-conscious intentions, through Los Angeles at night.

Leto filmed " Closer to the Edge " , a short film featuring tour footage, fan commentary and pictures of Thirty Seconds to Mars from their youth, during the band's Into the Wild Tour.

Critics lauded the simplicity of the video; James Montgomery from MTV wrote, "there's no denying the power of seeing tens of thousands of fans finding a simultaneous salvation, of a crowd of individuals becoming one. It's what rock and roll is supposed to be about, really: Leto's next project was " Hurricane " , an experimental short film which explores personal demons and unlocking secret fantasies in what is believed to be a dream.

In , Leto made his directorial debut with the documentary film Artifact. It chronicles the modern music business as it charts the legal dispute between Thirty Seconds to Mars and record label EMI, after the band tried to exit its contract over a royalties dispute. The album was produced by Leto with previous collaborator Steve Lillywhite.

It received generally positive reviews and reached the top ten in more than fifteen countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States. He described it as a "bizarre and hallucinogenic journey through an incredibly surreal landscape. Leto described the concept of his next short film, " Do or Die " , as a companion piece to "Closer to the Edge" The same year, Leto directed the critically praised short film for " City of Angels ", which premiered on October 12, at the Hollywood Bowl.

The music video features a number of celebrities who join the three members of Thirty Seconds to Mars in sharing their visions about Los Angeles. In order to accurately portray his role, Leto lost 30 pounds, shaved his eyebrows and waxed his entire body. In , Leto premiered the documentary series Into the Wild , which tells the story behind the concert tour of the same name by Thirty Seconds to Mars that propelled the group into arenas around the world and was certified by the Guinness World Records as the longest running tour in the history of rock music.

In December of that year, Warner Bros. In August , Thirty Seconds to Mars revealed they had signed to Interscope Records and confirmed that a new album will be released in During the ceremony, Jared Leto received media attention for his tribute to musicians Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell , who both died earlier that year. Flay , Joywave , and Welshly Arms. Thirty Seconds to Mars later confirmed America as title of their fifth album, which was released on April 6, The album received polarizing reviews from critics and debuted at number two on the Billboard , becoming the band's highest entry on the chart.

Leto will serve as an executive producer in addition to reprising his role as the titular villain, with the studio's intent that the film will "pave the way" for all other Suicide Squad -related projects. The film's star will also be involved with hiring the film's production crew. The film is to be written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. After the strong relationship between Thirty Seconds to Mars and its audience, Leto launched the social media management and digital marketing company The Hive.

It is based in Studio City, Los Angeles and focus on creative community building. In , Leto launched The One and Only Golden Tickets, a full service company which operates worldwide and manages exclusive services for concerts, festivals, and events.

In , Leto launched the online platform VyRT. Created as a live video streaming service, it also features social networking and official merchandise. Its idea came from some frustrating experiences Leto faced with Thirty Seconds to Mars in streaming their own live events. Leto lives a vegan lifestyle and supports animal rights.

In October , he raised money to the campaign against California Proposition 8 , created by opponents of same-sex marriage to overturn the California Supreme Court decision that had legalized same-sex marriage. Leto has been active in several charitable pursuits. Volume 2 , which proceeds from the sales benefited The Nature Conservancy.

Leto has supported Aid Still Required , a non-profit corporation committed to bringing attention and humanitarian aid to areas suffering from natural disasters or human crises. Leto spent a year in Haiti during his childhood, and returned there in January to "reconnect" with his former home following the tremor of January From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Archived from the original on June 19, Archived from the original on July 18, Not content to be defined merely as "Jared Leto's band," 30 Seconds to Mars has fought to be respected as a group of formidable musicians — even refusing to play at venues that use Leto's movie-star status to promote them. From Hollywood To Mars". Archived from the original on May 7, In addition to the idiom beginning with hail. Synonyms Examples Word Origin. The crowds hailed the conquerors.

They hailed the recent advances in medicine. The people on land hailed as we passed in the night. They answered the hail of the marooned boaters. Nearly everyone here hails from the Midwest. The mother kept her children within hail of her voice. See heal , wassail. It hailed this afternoon. Arrows hailed down on the troops as they advanced. The plane hailed leaflets on the city.

Related Words bombardment salvo rain shower barrage storm volley hailstorm signal welcome salute greet address acclaim acknowledge applaud recognize commend cheer praise. Contemporary Examples Why call a taxi when you can hail a Lyft to pick up visiting family and friends?

Historical Examples The impulse that had prompted him to hail her now prompted wild words. The Spenders Harry Leon Wilson.

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