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During his child years, his father, who was also his manager, encouraged him to watch and analyze nearly every movie, recording, and concert performance of Elvis Presley. Comentario by Edison el 2 noviembre

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In , Luis Miguel's career went to even greater heights and earned him the respect of a wider audience with the release of Romance , an album of romantic boleros, most of them from the s. He has been credited with reinventing the bolero for modern audiences. The album Romance , which became his most successful material ever, eventually sold 15 million units worldwide. The album went on to earn a Grammy Award [4] as well as reaching a Platinum status in the United States.

In , for his contribution to the recording industry, Luis Miguel received a star and was inducted to the Hollywood Walk of Fame , being at that time the youngest male singer and the first latin singer to receive a star. In , Luis Miguel released his third album of the bolero series Romances , which sold over 5 million copies. The single quickly reached number one on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart, two months later; it would spend twenty-six weeks on the chart.

The album, which sold over two million copies worldwide was followed by the launch of Mis Romances Tour which took place throughout the U. In , Luis Miguel released his first pop album in over four years entitled 33 , indicative of his age. The album, which featured a collection of ballads and uptempo songs climbed to number 1 on Billboard's Latin Charts earning Luis Miguel two Billboard Awards as well as Grammy and Latin Grammy award nominations. On the 33 Tour , Luis Miguel filled the largest halls in the U.

That same year, Prince Felipe of Spain presented him with a special award for being the best-selling foreign artist in his country's history, and hosted a special party in his honor in Madrid. In addition to his album 33 Luis Miguel was bestowed by Lo Nuestro Awards in a "Premio Lo Nuestro a la Excelencia", literally, The "Ours" award for Excellence a lifetime achievement award for his outstanding career at the mere age of 33 being the youngest artist to receive this award.

The album, which was a collection of traditional Mexican mariachi songs went on to sell five million copies worldwide. That same year, he released a Christmas album called Navidades. The playlist includes many Christmas standards in Spanish. The album reached number one on Billboard's Top Latin Albums chart during the first week of its release. It sold almost , copies in the first 24 hours.

Luis Miguel made history with his album Complices which debuted at No. Luis Miguel released his self-titled studio album on 14 September Its first single "Labios de Miel" is a smooth Latin pop song. With one million dollars for his performance, he became the most expensive artist in the history of the festival. On 4 May , Telemundo signed a deal for the exclusive U.

On the same day, Netflix also revealed it has the rights to stream the yet-unnamed bio-series in Latin America and Spain with the same target date. In his official Facebook page it was announced that his new single "La Fiesta del Mariachi" was set to release on 27 October Together with revealing many parts both known and unknown of the singer, it also brought nostalgic moments for those watching it, like the mirroring of his Sabritas ad, called in the series "Saboritas" [26].

His birth date is on April 18, but he celebrates his birthday on April 19 as that was the day his father registered him on Puerto Rico's Civil Registry. Due to his early fame, Luis Miguel had a complicated childhood. He had a difficult relationship with his father, who was also his manager. His father was very strict and demanding during the incessant rehearsals, although his father's strict discipline has also been credited with playing a large role in his success.

In , Luis Miguel's mother disappeared mysteriously and her whereabouts are still unknown. After their estrangement, his father, who was a heavy drinker , fell into depression and died on 9 December in Spain. Luis Miguel is recognized for his taste for haute cuisine [31] and for being a self-taught sommelier.

Luis Miguel", a Cabernet Sauvignon. Luis Miguel is the father of three children: His numerous relationships are widely covered by the Latin media. Regarding his religious faith, he stated: I believe in God, I visit church whenever I rarely have the chance due to my work commitments. Los hechos ocurrieron en el Northeast th St.

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